Testimonials for Abbie Rabinowitz

Testimonials by students and collectors who own Abbie’s artwork or have studied with her in her painting workshops.

I spent a month drifting from island to island in Hawaii, in the mid ’70s. Nothing, none of the photographs I took, or have seen by others, none of the paintings or graphics come close to returning me to the memories I have of those places. Nothing except your paintings of those places. Your work filters out the extraneous and the mundane and preserves the truly fantastical nature of the place. Thank you for your eyes, your hand, your skill and most especially the mind capable of seeing such beauty. So nice to see you have brought that gift to the environment I live with here in the east. You renew my appreciation of it’s beauty.
Greg Brown

I was enchanted by your paintings. I have to say that after visiting countless open studios the last two weeks, what I appreciate about you and your art is your dynamic range of expression in style and feelings. Its beyond words.
Geoff Randolph

Your still life’s of flowers radiate sensuality. Even online I can smell their beautiful scents in their colors and find them to be as erotic as anything you’ve done. I hope I can stand before some of them someday. Thank you so much for your devotion and drive in the arts Abbie. I feel privileged to know you and see your work.
Greg Brown

Gaze, oil on canvas, 18" x 24"

Gaze, oil on canvas, 18″ x 24″

This painting stopped me. I think it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I often think about growing old in love and life. And what will it be. This painting shows me it can be a place of peace, rest and a place without fear or loneliness. I love that. Wow! I feel like their bodies are connected, their minds are separate and individual, yet their souls are one. I really love this painting. (re: ‘Hold’)
Victor Vargas/ Daily Bark 2015

I love the series of paintings of your parents, more than any other paintings by any other artist on any of the three weekends of Open Studios New Haven!
When artist Abbie Rabinowitz painted her elderly parents, each and every brushstroke spoke love. And I really mean that!  Not that I have any particular expertise (I don’t) but I do believe you have a special ability to capture love.  It could be simply because your parents exuded love for one another, but I suspect that it’s more than that.
Kathryn Bert, CWOS 2015

Your paintings really resonate with me. This is the way I see the world, but I don’t have the skill to do what you do. Looking at your paintings is like hearing someone speak your language finally. WOW. It’s great!
Jen Gottlieb

Art Retreat Testimonial
– Lizzie Marie, Dec 2018
Being with Abbie at her art studio in Sea View Estates on the Big Island for four and half magical days was both restorative and inspiring. I was a guest in her beautiful O’hana, and I am very fortunate to have landed there. She talked with me on the phone before I arrived to see what I might need, then we shaped the retreat day by day as my needs and interests evolved. I love how Abbie welcomed me into her home and drove us to stunning places in nature, and even to a community potluck, in order to support my exploration in watercolor, drawing, perspective, as well as connection to the island and community.  Abbie’s great at planning out ideas and being spontaneous as needs arise. She draws on her depth of artistic study with ease and makes it accessible to bring out the inner artist in those around her. I felt so free to be myself, ask questions, and try out different techniques. I was surprised by my artistic development over just a few days. I highly recommend spending some time with Abbie when you can, either one-to-one or in a magical group workshop. The retreat was exactly what i needed and even more than i hoped for due to Abbie’s humor, kindness, and commitment to creating art. I look forward to spending time with her again!