Sexy Pink Lady


watercolor, 12″ x 9″

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Sexy Pink Lady, heliconia.
I couldn’t have been more amazed when the first flower appeared in my pink heliconia plant. The botanical name for this type of flowering exotic flower is called Heliconia chartacea. My friend Robin who gave me the cutting called it a Sexy Pink Lady.
Not having much experience in tropical gardens… or any other gardens for that matter, I would never have labeled myself as having a green thumb. In fact, most plants I’ve kept have not thrived very long.
However since my move to Hawaii, I have grown far more flowering plants and edibles in my garden than I ever thought possible. Of course, living where it’s the growing season year round doesn’t hurt.
I watched in awe daily as the separate petals formed on the heliconia and it grew downward to its full length. I took photos and finally decided to paint this enchanting, sexy flower.