Rainy Day watercolor


watercolor, 9″x12″



Rainy Day was day #4 from my recent 30 day challenge. It was a very wet day and I had wanted to paint landscapes every day for the month. There are beautiful seascapes and classic view in the area where I live but it was really too wet to venture out. So instead I decided to paint what was near and dear to my heart… my garden. I sat down on the front steps to my lanai with watercolor palette to my side. This large, spiky cactus type of plant is predominant in my front garden and it’s been daunting when I’ve tried painting it before. However, working wet on wet and with a steady, unhurried pace I painted this large plant and the simple view looking into my garden, and across the street, capturing what was in my limited view, including my neighbor’s house across the road.
It’s a challenge to paint what is not considered a classic landscape. It’s more of a personal landscape, a humble painting that may mean more to me than others.