Mau lālā he Nui (giclee print)

Mau lālā he Nui, oil on canvas, 20″ x 48
original sold, giclee prints available. Please inquire.

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Mau lālā he Nui (Many Branches), oil on canvas, 20″ x 48
I was painting outdoors on a commissioned landscape of the Red Road, when two lovely, young women stopped to view me and my artwork. I was so engrossed in painting that I didn’t give even give them my card or exchange contact info. Several weeks later, however, I got an email from them. They were ecstatic to have searched and tracked me down on the internet. They had fallen in love with my painting and wanted me to create one for them as well. In fact, they requested the same view and same size canvas, with just one alteration; they wanted to see more of the ocean.
Sometimes it can be a challenge for an artist to repeat a similar painting. However, I decided to paint their landscape with a unique expression. Though filled with many of the same details, I used different colors when laying it in. Hence, Two Branches took on a unique hue and feel of its own and I was happy that Breanna and Rebecca were thrilled with their final outcome.