Afternoon Light by the Keiki Ponds


Late Afternoon by the Keiki Ponds
6″x20″, oil on board

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Afternoon Light by the Keiki Ponds. Late afternoon shadows cross the Red Road as the sun sinks lower in the sky. I set up at this spot several times to complete this painting and timed my arrival time to match the same time of day. This particular bend in the road near the Keiki ponds pleased me since I could paint a wide, horizontal landscape that included both the ocean side coast as well as the trees and hillside along the opposite side of the road. The pattern of palm trees help move the eye across the painting while the road leads you back into space as it approaches a blind curve. I enjoyed painting the range of mauve and blue hues of the trees while they were swathed from the side with the warm, yellow peach afternoon sunlight.

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