As far as I’m concerned it’s never too early to prepare for an art show. Even though it’s still just May, and I have a full month to get ready for my show at the end of June, I hate panicking prior to an exhibit doing last minute preparation. Along with this show, I am also planning on relocating to Hawaii later this summer. Simply put, I am in the midst of a big project that includes packing, storing, and choosing which possessions to keep, ship, sell, or let go of. Getting ready to move 6000 miles away is quite a process!

Matting and framing art
I narrowed down which paintings that I want to show, choosing to exhibit my watercolor landscapes for my painting group’s show Nature Calls in New Haven. Of course watercolors need mats and frames.  I hadn’t cut mats in a while, but I warmed up after cutting several mats using my trusty Logan mat cutter. The first few attempts were rejects but I got the hang of it after awhile. A jaunt to Ikea was in order to pick out some more of the neutral silver frames I like. Now I’m feeling more or less ready to show in June, and am delighted to see how my watercolors look matted and framed. They were gems already, but behind glass and framed, they look stunning. Hope some of you get to see the show opening June 26th in the New Haven Public Library, Ives Gallery.

Preparing mats and frames for the New Haven Public Library Ives Gallery show Nature Calls, opening June 26th with my painting group The Calm.