Wedding couple caricature

Wedding caricature gift

Dear Abbie,
They LOVED it!! You were the hit of the day!! Everyone could not say enough good things! I gave you full credit for the joke/layout – i just shipped it to NY last week. They said it’s their first artwork. My 92 yo mother was not able to attend and so I sent her pictures including a picture of the caricature and when she called me that was the very first thing she said – how much she loved the caricature! I had it printed for her at the local printers onto canvas. So basically you are a rock star!! ❤️
from deanegray

I love making caricature portraits. I am naturally skilled as a caricaturist and am inspired to take a close look at someone’s face and choose what aspects when exaggerated will make the caricature portrait look even more like that person. They are fun to do and I enjoy bringing more humor into our world through art.

Below are samples of caricature paintings.  I work from photographs or in person.
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