I just returned from an epic one week trip to Brazil where I had a reunion with my Brazilian family of ‘five sisters’ and Brazilian ‘mother’ who I stayed with for four months 41(!) years ago in Rio de Janeiro, after I graduated high school. It was an incredible week of reconnecting with my South American sisters who live within a community in the jungle of Minas Gerais, on an eco-reserve they founded called RESERVA DO SAUÁ. Besides growing olive trees, they are committed to returning their land back to the jungle and bringing ecological balance to their corner of the earth. It was quite an experience and timely since it was my father Harold who originally connected me with them. Isabel, who attended my high school to learn english years ago and had my father as an art teacher. She asked him if he knew anyone that wanted to go to Brazil. And sure enough he said, “My daughter would love to go”. This trip was taken in his honor; it was cathartic and beautiful. 

I am already making plans to go back and lead an art & eco-travel adventure next summer. The reserve is in a stunningly beautiful location in the hills of Minas Gerais. The community is women-owned and women-run, with emphasis on health, harmony, sustainability and beauty. There are natural mineral springs nearby and their lands adjoins state park land. Stay posted as dates and details for travel come into focus.