My mother Kiki died just 5 days ago and it feels like weeks have passed. She was known for her willful energy, generosity, extreme kindness and creative spirit. She was also an amazing mom. I will miss her greatly but feel consolation in that she and my father, who died 9 months ago, are now bound together in eternity. They were twin flames and lucky to have found and  recognized each other. The synchronicity that my show Ageless Beloved, paintings of my parents in their elder years, is currently on view is oddly perfect timing. I invite you to hear me speak about my paintings and process, and about the tender bond of love expressed in my art, at my Artist Talk on June 20th, at 6pm.

Artist Talk – Ageless Beloved
Monday, June 20th
6:00 pm
New Haven Public Library Ives Gallery
133 Elm St, New Haven, CT

Hold, 16" x 16", oil on canvas, 2015

Hold, 16″ x 16″, oil on canvas, 2015 © Abbie Rabinowitz