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I had the opportunity to attend the “Abstract Painting Workshop” with Abbie Rabinowitz at Hui No’Eau in Maui.
The Instructor set the tone for a positive, encouraging, and opening day of instruction and expression. We were given prompts and guides for designs, while in an atmosphere of freedom and creativity. While Abbie shared her background, she really put the emphasis on what we were creating and all the ways that we could grow. – CKB

alcohol ink paiting
Alcohol Ink Painting
In this class we will explore this exciting, vibrant and expressive medium. Alcohol ink lends itself to a large range of playful painting techniques. We will co-create a workshop in which we can discover new ways to apply this colorful, fluid and translucent medium on paper. Focus on experimentation and fun! All levels welcome. Tea, music, supportive critique.
Date: Sunday, March 10th, 2019
Time: 1pm – 4pm
Where: Pahoa, Hawaii in Seaview Estates
Cost: $35 (includes all materials)




Intuitive Watercolor PaintingIntuitive painting circle formatDate: TBA
In this class we will explore various patterns and forms from nature. These patterns will be used as a point of departure to explore further abstraction. Using watercolor, line, collage and mixed media, students will develop their own abstract vocabulary as a form of self expression. Various watercolor techniques will be introduced with focus on experimentation, playfulness and fun!
See blog post from the most recent workshop. 
All levels welcome!
Date: TBA
Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Location: Seaview Estates, Pahoa, HI
Cost: $35 class fee 

I’m excited that I can now offer personalized Art Retreats. I can provide accommodation for one or two people in a private ‘ohana’ just steps away from a beautiful art studio, close to the famous Red Road on the coast of the Big Island. There are countless magical vistas and natural beauty to inspire you on the island.  Choose how you would like to be guided. Observe directly from nature or allow intuition to be your guide. I design the workshop for your specific area of artistic exploration. Two days to one week workshops offered. Contact me for pricing and schedule. 

PAST WORKSHOPS Red Road with Painting

Tropical Expressions Using Watercolor & Collage
Dates: April 2018
Hui No’eau (Maui)
See blog photos

Abstract Painting Using Acrylics
April 2018
Hui No’eau
See blog photos


Abstract Expressionism Workshop
The Abstract Painting workshop was so much fun! Just view the photos from our class we just had this November to see how everyone explored their own abstract vocabulary. By painting bigger and with larger brushes people broadened their ideas and views of painting.


Watercolor & Collage Workshop
November 2016
My students expanded their experience with watercolor after demonstrating some basic techniques with the watercolor medium. They then recycled their artwork by creating collages with their paintings. This became a process in balancing control with releasing control, and then allowing for an entirely unpredictable outcome. As usual, I learned from my students as they revealed their unique creative skills and vision that they offered to the class.

Abstract Painting Workshop
November 2016
My student Kieran had fun expressing himself using repetitive shapes and rhythm during the abstract painting exercises last week.

kieran-2   kieran-abstract

Go with the Flow ~ Watercolor Painting and Collage 
February, 2016 (See photos below)
Watercolor painting and collage workshop along the Kalapana coast, aka Red Road of the Big Island of Hawaii. Students are inspired by exotic tropical beauty to paint both their inner and outer landscape.

Photos from: Go with the Flow ~ Watercolor Painting and Collage Workshop
Big Island of Hawaii, Winter 2016

Hawaii watercolor class photo


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