Abbie Rabinowitz Artist Statement


Living in the epoch known as the “Kali Yuga”, we bear witness to a phase of dramatic upheaval and the potential demise of human existence. With every brushstroke on the canvas, I contemplate the fleeting quality of our being. This fuels my gratitude for the privilege of life itself and for the ability to express myself through art. I am grateful to witness this transitory beauty of our world, alongside this state of dramatic flux.

Harnessing the essence of nature is the inspiration for my visual narratives. While my thoughts reflect on the interplay of genesis and demise, my objective is to embrace each canvas with an unpremeditated approach. I apply fresh and direct brushstrokes, coupled with techniques of erasure, abrasion, and layering, thereby transfiguring the surface. Balancing the anticipated with the unexpected, I feel satisfied when my paintings resonate with nature’s quintessence.