Abbie Rabinowitz

Light Touch Studio
I paint to see beauty and to channel its source.

Abbie Interview picAbout Abbie Rabinowitz
In Bali, the word for both life and art is the same word. I feel that way about my life as an artist. It’s a package deal.

I am a painter and tell my life stories through my art. I paint representationally from a variety of subjects and themes. I also paint abstracts when I feel moved to do so. One practice informs the other. I learn by studying nature using direct observation, and other times allow my intuition to be my guide.

My art is always based on my feelings in the moment and how I can express myself with movement, color, line and shape. My aspiration as an artist and teacher is to inspire creativity in others. I welcome you along as my journey unfolds and as my art continues to evolve.

Sunday, August 20th on the Big Island of Hawaii
Go with the Flow Watercolor Workshop
at Arthur Johnsen’s studio in Pahoa, HI

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