Twisteez Wire

Okay! For people who know me, you know I couldn’t possibly create a blog without including Twisteezwire as one of my creative materials. I grew up with Twisteezwire. My folks began the business by using wire in children’s art classes, and eventually decided to make and sell Twisteezwire as a school art supply. I’ve been involved with the business for over 50 years and I’ve played with it as long as I can remember. I currently manage their website and on-line presence. I also demonstrate how to use Twisteezwire and teach other artists and non-artists to have fun being creative with wire.

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Mural of New York City made using Twisteezwire and recycled materials.



This mural was made for the 2012 NAEA conference in New York City. I include a lot of recycled materials that I collect. I’ve was invited to teach young art students at a school in Oakland and help them create a school mural. See these images in my blog post.

The Kongs created with recycled egg cartons,