Visiting artist at OHDS using Twisteezwire

“All of us at Oakland Hebrew Day School were excited and inspired by the 2 days we spent creating with Abbie!” ~ Laurie Bellet, OHDS

I had no idea back in January when I was buried in a sea of Twisteezwire and piles of recycled material that my mural of New York City for the NAEA show would be so successful and popular. Apparently it wowed(!) the teachers at the show.  Laurie Bellet from the OHDS in Oakland, CA was visiting NYC looking for new ideas for her art classes and my brother Michael who was minding our booth, mentioned to her I had made the mural and lived in her area. So Laurie invited me as a visiting artist to the Oakland Hebrew Day School to demonstrate how to work with Twisteezwire so that she and her students could make a mural in the shape of Israel as a permanent display. The entire school, students and teachers alike, had a blast creating Twisteezwire sculptures combined with cardboard and other materials. They were all included in the collaborative project ~ map of Israel mural.

About abbierab

Abbie is a fine artist painter. She paints in a painterly expressive style with emphasis on color and brushwork to describe landscape and figurative themes. Her landscapes reveal her passion for travel with emphasis on the northern California coast, lush Hawaiian tropics, and the changing seasons in New England. She works as a consultant for her family business Twisteezwire based in CT.
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