Maui Memories

Maui!?! How could I have forgotten the soft sandy beaches and dazzling colors of this valley isle? I was blessed to have had the chance to visit Maui once again. Every night I enjoyed a prolonged and stunning sunset. I managed to do some painting on the beach before the afternoon winds kicked in and before sand found its way into every nook and cranny on me. Ulua Beach in Kihei was the theme of the week and also where I bumped into my friend and painting buddy Tuko from the Big Island. I missed her on my trip earlier this year so we made up for lost time and managed to set up a painting date on Ulua Beach my last day on the island.

About abbierab

Abbie is a fine artist painter. She paints in a painterly expressive style with emphasis on color and brushwork to describe landscape and figurative themes. Her landscapes reveal her passion for travel with emphasis on the northern California coast, lush Hawaiian tropics, and the changing seasons in New England. She works as a consultant for her family business Twisteezwire based in CT.
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